Playing around with things! :)

Playing around with things! :)

Done a few more since yesterday! Left to right: heart attack, sun burn/stroke, cuts/wounds (not sure how to phrase that one), neck and back pain (thinking of something to replace it, I don’t like it much), electric shock, animal bite and, one that i forgot to include here, food poisoning, which I actually did yesterday and posted yesterday but I’m still really proud!
Tomorrow’s job is sorting the text for the reverse side. That’s when I’ll find out which I can’t do and which I can still use, which will be so much fun… for now, I’m off to do some watercolour practice.

Insanely proud of my poisoned apple!

These might be the first six cards I’m actually happy with and will leave alone… If so, I’m a quarter of the way to finishing the deck! (Only having twelve cards, image on one side, info on the other). After the deck though I have to make the box!

Changed it… again… but I’m really happy with it this time. The colours look less depressing. Quality perhaps isn’t very good but… I’ll fix it eventually. Is that becoming my catchphrase? D:

First four attempts on illustrator for my summer project cards!
Right now the only ones I like are the second (concussion) and fourth (broken bones), though I wanna arrange the bones a little better. Oh, yeah, for context, I’m doing a set of cards with information on what to do in medical emergencies, and one side will have an illustration! I love the colours of the third, but since it’s for ‘burns’ specifically and not just ‘what to do when there’s a fire’, I feel like I should add a hand in there, hovering over the fire. There’ll be text at the very top, so that’s why the space is empty - though with the bones one, I think it’d look nice having text just over the thumb. Of course if I do that, I’ll have to do it with them all. The first was actually the first idea I had for the project - for ‘stroke’, referencing how a side of a persons’ face will fall after having a stroke, and part of the brain dies (hence the grey), but it looks like a button. And I don’t like the colours. I’ll have to rethink that.
I really need to use my sketchbook more to explain these. I feel weird ripping an inch of a page from my mini sketchbook (the one i take everywhere) and sticking that in my uni book, so I re-draw/write instead and I don’t feel I’m getting enough information across about my idea. It’d be nice if I used a blog all of the time as well. Blogs are good for this stage.

(I don’t know why it’s only on the left, stupid thing)
Finished one quote, I guess. I gave up with it, really! It used to be two pages but it didn’t look right together, so I decided maybe one page would work better. Ugh. I actually forgot to fix certain bits here as I enlarged it, oops!


Jumping ahead with one of my ideas and developed this, just in case I need it :) I can’t draw well so I piled together a bunch of shapes and tweaked the layout, then drew over them all to make one shape.

it’s been a while since I’ve made anything for my summer project (busy with research + holidays + tv shows) but I just did this and laughed for a good while.


36 days of type

I noticed this open project over on Instagram recently, organised by Alejandro López Becerro. There’s a huge variety of characters to look through including just these 3D designs by Alejandro himself. 

While the main letters were going up in April/May the project still seems quite active. Search on Instagram #36daysOfType and #36days_<glyph name>.


Things organized neatly: green things that I own.


Sharing a small portion of the Bicol map we designed for Choose Philippines. I did all the icons and the over-all layout, and my friend/colleague Ralph did the food illustrations and the base of the map :-)

You can view the full infographic here

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